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Setting Up Your Printer

If you have just purchased a new printer, you probably want to get it set up so that you can start using it as soon as possible. Printers are essential because they have a variety of uses. In order to set up your printer properly, use the following information as a guide, courtesy of 123inkjets.

Setting up your printer will differ depending on whether you own a Mac or a PC. Regardless of what kind of operating system you have, the first step is to unpack your printer and physically attach it to your computer using the proper USB and port connections. Your computer will need to "recognize" that there is a printer attached to its system, and it can only do this if the printer is properly connected. Once the printer is connected, you can install the software.

Click on your system preferences or control panel and look for the "add a printer" icon. An install wizard program will appear on your screen. You can use the wizard to take you through the necessary steps needed in order to properly set up your printer. You will have to determine whether or not the printer is going to be set up through the computer or through a network connection. Most home computers are directly connected to the printer (unless it is a wireless printer), and most office computers are all connected to the printer through a network connection. The wizard will then ask you what kind of brand and model your printer is. Usually, the wizard will list the brand and the model as a printer option on your computer screen. If it is the right brand and model, select the printer and click "enter." Some wizard programs will ask you what the "port" connection is. If you do not know, call the computer customer service line so that an experienced individual can take you through the proper steps. If the wizard program can detect the port connection on its own, then you don't need to do a thing.

Once the setup wizard is complete, you will then be asked if there is any additional software to install. The software will most likely have to be installed through a separate CD. Insert the CD into your computer. Click on the CD icon once your computer has recognized it and then click "install." Your computer will automatically begin to install the software and the appropriate files. Once the install is complete, your computer will then ask you if you would like to print a test page. This is a good idea! You want to make sure that your new printer is working properly. Click "yes" to print a test page. Your printer, if it is properly connected, will then print out a page with CYMK and black lines. This will show that your ink cartridge is full and that it is working correctly. After your page has printed, take a moment to review it. Make sure all of the colored lines are clear, precise and visible. If they are, you can begin using your printer.