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What is Solid Ink Technology?

You may have heard a thing or two about solid ink printing technology lately, and you are probably wondering what it is all about. Solid ink technology has actually been in development since 1991. Offered by Xerox, a name that is synonymous with quality printing, a solid ink printer uses solid sticks of no-mess, no-stress and environmentally friendly ink instead of inkjet cartridges or toner. Solid ink hits the paper with such precise velocity that there is no smudge or spreading, which means you can expect vibrant color results whether you are printing on thick or thin paper. It's also extremely cost-effective, because you use less ink to achieve the same print results as other printers. You can tailor your print costs to fit your personal print needs, whether you are printing from home as an individual or printing at the office as a company.

The actual ink is non-toxic and resin based, similar to that of a crayon. The sticks are easy to load and unload, and entirely safe to handle. You don't have to worry about spilling ink on your hands, clothes or furniture - there's no mess with solid ink sticks. You can also load of up to five solid ink sticks at a time in your printer, which means that you will have a longer ink shelf life for less print interruptions. Every solid ink stick is examined and inspected for quality to ensure consistent color quality every time you print.

The basic setup of each ink stick is as follows: the print head which transfers the ink to the ink drum, the print drum, which transfers the ink to the paper, and the controller which guides the ink stick along. With sufficient heat and pressure, the ink is instantly fused to the paper, which is why solid ink produces such amazing print results no matter what the image. Inkjet cartridges and toner ink soaks into the paper, which means that the quality of the print job is dependent on the kind of paper that you use. Additionally, a short paper path makes printing with solid ink much more efficient than regular printers.

To sum up, solid ink technology allows for more consistent print quality no matter what type of media. It's easier to use because you don't have to worry about replacing, loading and unloading ink cartridges. Solid ink also produces less waste, because there's no cartridge to dispose of and less packaging. There's no special paper to buy, because solid ink technology prints beautifully on every type of paper. You can also enjoy a wider range of colors for more vibrant print jobs. It's also far much faster than inkjet and toner print jobs, which means more efficient print projects. You will find that solid ink printing technology is much more beneficial for all of your print needs. Take some time to explore all of the Xerox products that use solid ink technology and research them further. It could mean the difference between print satisfaction and print frustration.

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