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How Many Things Can You Do with Your Printer?

Today's printers really are amazing machines, but have you ever considered exactly how much you can do with them? Here are just ten of the most popular choices.

1. Print Photos

Many people have started printing their own photos, and they should. There is a vast array of quality photo software not to mention different kinds of paper and inks. A printer capable of printing photos is needed, of course, and right now, inkjet printers seem to have that market cornered.

2. Make Labels

How many different types of labels are there? Labels for file folders, return address labels for envelopes, shipping labels for packages, CD labels, Gift Jar labels, the list really is endless. What's more is that there are labels you can download and label making software. With some label paper and printer ink, you will be able to make more labels than you will know what to do with.

3. Share It

Do you have more than one computer in your office or home? Did you know all those computers can share the same printer? If you put the computers on a network, then the one printer can service the network. There is a little technology involved and if you don't set it up wirelessly, you may have a bit of excessive cord-age, but it can be done. Keep in mind that you might need to get some professional help with this if you're not computer savvy.

4. Make Your Own Stationary

Maybe you run a business and would like to have professional looking letters without the expense of a printing company creating your letterhead. With your printer, you can create your own letterheads and stationary. After you have created the design you like, save it to the hard drive. From now on, when you type letters they will have a professional look.

5. Print a Calendar

There's a large selection of software you could use to create your calendar or you can make one from scratch. Customize it to suit your fancy, add some of your own pictures, highlight the important dates, and leave plenty of room for those last minute appointments to be added later. Print the calendar on card stock so you can keep it at your desk for a reference.

6. Make a Newsletter

Want to make an announcement to the company? Say it in a newsletter. Think your employees are the best in the world - put it into writing. Don't have a company - no problem - send a newsletter to your family members. Ask for their input and photos. Turn the family newsletter into a monthly project and get everybody involved.

7. Start a Scrapbook

Forget about all the cutting and gluing. Make a scrapbook on the computer and then print it out. Arrange the pages just as you would if you were cutting and gluing. There are many scrapbook software programs with some of the coolest templates. Add, size, crop, enlarge, and distort are some of the things you can do to photos when adding them to your scrapbook. Don't forget to add the text and you are set.

8. Create Your Own Promotional Materials

If you own your own business, the ways to use a printer are astounding. Do you need letterheads, business cards, or maybe a press release? Why pay a printing company - print them yourself? Print your own brochure including some photos and hand them out - what great PR.

9. Create Projects for Your Kids

Entire sites are dedicated to kids. There are numerous printable projects available. How about a color book? You could make a puzzle using one of their favorite photos. If your kids are old enough, let them take along a camera the next time there is a field trip. Afterward, you and the kids make collages using the pictures they took while on the field trip. What great presents that would make for classmates and teachers alike!

10. Give Your Eyes a Break.

Did you know you can get eyestrain, headaches, eye dryness, and contact irritation from too much time in front of the computer? It seems we don't blink as much while we are reading the computer screen. To solve the problem, use your printer and print some of the material you need to read. Then settle back in a comfortable chair, and read away.

We know we have just scratched the surface of what you can do with your printer and printer supplies, but this at least gives you a starting place!