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Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle

Vehicle Batteries

Whether it is a battery for a motorized scooter, or a full-sized truck, vehicle batteries can be recycled at most waste management facilities, as well as other recycling centers. Recycling these batteries is a great alternative to throwing them in a landfill, or letting them take up space in your garage.

Wine Corks

Not the most bulky item, but still, wine corks are something to be recycled, especially if wine is your weekend beverage of choice. Of course, there are plenty of ways to reuse wine corks, such as making a bulletin board, but if you’d rather, you can recycle your used wine corks at


From iPods to computers, many electronic devices are recyclable or reusable. The obvious option is to ask the manufacturer if they recycle the given product, most do, but if they do not, then you can take the item to a certified e-waste company located in your area. These companies often setup in parking lots during big community events, so keep your eye for them and bring your old devices.


Running shoes and other athletic types are some of the most used shoes on the market. Most often, they end up dumped in a landfill somewhere, but a much better option is to send them back to the manufacturer if they will accept them. Nike, for instance, has shoe recycling bins located at many of its stores, and various other locations. The company then uses the old shoe materials to make new ones. What a concept!