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Three All-in-One Printers You May Want to Check Out

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to desktop printers. Some feel that the more features a printer has, the more can go wrong with it. They like it simple. Others want their printer to do everything possible and expect a great deal out of them. For these people, there are the many all-in-one printers offered on the market today. Some have so many functions that it seems they can never all be used during the life of the printer, but they are there, regardless. The result is some great printers that do everything you want them to, and more.

Take for instance, the HP OfficeJet 6310. This is a popular all-in-one printer used in home offices and business these days. Every printer has its pro's and con's and everyone has their different opinions on the functionality of the machine. The HP OfficeJet 6310 is no different.

To achieve a small size for cramped surroundings, the scanning bed only fits up the A4 size paper. However, the automatic feeder can scan documents much larger in size. It can be networked to multiple computers or used exclusively by one. It has a fax and copier function and holds up to 100 sheets of paper in its feeder tray. It operates on one black and one color cartridge, but the black can be replaced by a color cartridge if need be. Speed in printing probably isn't the OfficeJet 6310's best characteristic, except in printing photos. One great feature, however, it that memory cards and sticks can be connected directly to the printer without the intervention of a computer.

Another popular all-in-one printer is the HP PhotoSmart Premium Fax C309 series. About the same size as the HP OfficeJet 6310, this printer series is a bit more expensive but is worth the money to most critics. It has a duplexing feature, which is very convenient, and faxes, scans and copies. A lot of people like to use this printer to scan to PDF and consider this a great plus. Wireless network printing is a desirable element to working at multiple locations within an office, and this printer has that. The bonus of having a printer that prints great pictures puts this printer series on top of a lot of lists. The cumbersome unpacking and initial set up of hardware and software don't seem to be that big of a deal to most users.

The Canon PIXMA MX7600 is another printer to look for if you need the all-in-one features. Other than producing outstanding photos, this printer has all the other bells and whistles you'd expect from an all-in-one. It faxes, duplexes, copies, scans and prints with remarkable ease. Although it is an inkjet printer, smudging and bleeding from contact with water doesn't seem to impact the ink on the page. Some people are partial to Canon products, so they pick this printer for that reason. However, others who have replaced their other brands with this one praise its quality in printing photos and documents alike.

All three of these printers have great features, but only you can decide which is right for you.