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The Top 5 All In One Printers on the Market

There are so many printers to choose from. Laser. Inkjet. High page per minute count. Color photo printing. Basic print only. And of course, the all in one printers. Even among the all in one printers, there is a wide range to choose from, which is the best deal for consumers who like the flexibility of choosing the right printer at the right price. So what are some of the top dogs in the printing world?

Canon Pixma

No matter what sort of "top 5 printer" search you do, the lists you find are all likely to contain one or more models of Canon's popular Pixma printer. From the MP990 to the MX7600, you're bound to find rave reviews and reasonable prices for the Pixma. Canon's all in one printers definitely do it all, and many come with other attributes as well, such as wireless capability, touch screen interfaces, Ethernet connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and much more. Canon has always been a leader in the print world, so looking up the Pixma is definitely a step in the right direction.]

HP Officejet 8500

With a little chirpy sound to let you know it's done printing, scanning, copying, or performing any other function you've asked it, the HP Officejet 8500 all in one printer is a solid choice for those who intend to do a lot of printing and need sound quality to come with it. Everyone knows that HP is a strong force in the printer and computer world, so it would be crazy to ignore their first-class printers. The Officejet 8500 uses Thermal inkjet technology and feeds out pages at an admirable rate. Though it does have a slow setup time, once it's ready, it's worth it.

Epson Artisan

The Artisan series by Epson is another well-respected printer. Whether you're considering the 800 or the 810, you can be sure that you're getting quality. Certain brands will cost more than others, but each one delivers the value that you put into it. The higher on the series you go, the more you will pay, but the more you will get with the printer. High page counts per minute, quality color, and plenty of capabilities, the Artisan series is aptly named.

Brother MPC-7840W

This Brother printer does indeed do it all, but instead of an inkjet printer, it is a laser printer. Easy setup and the ability to access the printer remotely makes it an attractive choice to many potential buyers. The drawback to purchasing a laser printer is that everything you print will be monochrome only. Still, that may not matter to a number of people, as the speed and quality of the printing may be exactly what they need.

Dell 968

Dell is yet another leader in the computer and printer business. They know what consumers want in their all in one printers, and not just the typical print/scan/copy/fax options. Dell's printers are ready to handle network connections with wireless capability. They set up fast, warm up fast, and print fast for those in which speed is the key.

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