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Ways You Can Print Green

Green is the new word of the millennium. Not the color-the idea of being environmentally friendly. Saving the planet is the goal of many people these days to ensure that children and future generations have a happy, lovely place to live. The ways it can be done are through big changes due to companies as well as small steps taken by everyday people. That includes taking a look at how you print.

Printing can indeed be a green process. You simply have to know where to look and what your printer is capable of. A simple way to start is by obtaining a printer that uses wireless technology. By choosing this type of printer, you are eliminating the need for additional wires that can end up in landfills when you no longer need them or they stop working. A wireless printer works just as well and can even save you a bit of cash since you won't need to buy a connecting cable.

Check to see if the printer has the Energy Star symbol. The Energy Star symbol shows that the product operates at a very efficient energy level, using much less electricity than other printers on the market. A printer that is Energy Star qualified can also save you money on your electric bill.

If you don't have a wireless printer or one that is Energy Star efficient, that's fine. There are still other ways for you to print green. Soy ink is one of these ways. While newspapers have been printing with soy and vegetable-based ink for years, the general populace has yet to use it en masse. There are certain companies that do sell these types of ink for various printer models. You can search online for vendors of soy and vegetable ink and check whether or not your printer qualifies.

When you head out to buy paper, take a moment to consider the paper on the shelves. Instead of buying the typical commercial printer paper, opt for recycled paper. Check to see how much of the paper is made from postconsumer recycled material. The larger the percentage, the better. Recycled paper can look just as white and clean as typical printer paper and when you look at the right retailers, it shouldn't cost you much more than regular paper.

While soy ink and recycled paper can cost you a little more, oftentimes it won't be much. Likewise, if you purchase your printer wisely and obtain one that is Energy Star approved, the eventual savings can make up the difference.

When your printer finally runs its course, you can continue to practice green printing by disposing of it in a responsible way. In the past, printers and other electronic machines were simply tossed out with the rest of the trash, ending up in landfills and just taking up space. Now, there are several different recycling programs that you can take your printer to. These places gladly accept printers and recycle them, breaking them down in order to either reuse the parts or simply dispose of the remaining pieces in a responsible manner.

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