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Cartridge Type
Genuine or OEM (Original) Cartridges Remanufactured Cartridges Compatible Cartridges
Description OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, meaning the cartridge was made by the same company that made your printer. Original brand cartridges are very reliable and sometimes the only option if your printer is new to market or uncommon. Remanufactured ink is a genuine brand cartridge that has gone through one cycle of use. After use, the cartridge is recycled, acquired by a remanufacturing facility and put through a rigorous professional refurbishing process. During the refurbishing process the cartridge is disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and tested for quality. It's then carefully refilled, tested again and brought back to life. Buying remanufactured prevents one less cartridge from ending up in a landfill. A compatible cartridge is a brand new ink cartridge built by a manufacturer other than your printer. It's like buying the generic version of the genuine brand. Most are uniquely designed to differentiate from genuine cartridges. Despite any structural difference you may notice, the cartridge will still fit in your machine and print a full yield, just like the original brand.
Price Factors Many printer manufacturers follow the razor-and-blades business model which may result in higher priced genuine cartridges. Remanufactured ink is much cheaper than the original brand ink. It's far more cost effective to refurbish a previously used cartridge than create a new OEM from scratch. Compatible ink is much cheaper than the original brand. Compatible suppliers don't have to worry about the additional costs that hinder OEMs like new printers or firmware, which lets them keep prices low.
Quality Original cartridges work extremely well and are covered under a warranty by the printer manufacturer High quality remanufactured ink will match the quality of the original, but not all remanufactured ink is created equal. Make sure you buy from a reputable supplier in order to get the absolute best results. High quality compatible ink will match the quality of the original, but not all compatible ink is created equal. Make sure you buy from a reputable supplier in order to get the absolute best results.
What's the difference between ink and toner cartridges?
Ink Cartridges Toner Cartridges
Printer Type Work with inkjet printers Work with laser printers
Material Liquid ink Dry powder
How it works Inkjet printers use a series of nozzles that spray tiny drops of ink directly on the print suface Laser toner printers use static electricity and heat to bond dry toner powder to a page
Commonly used by Casual home users, small business and photographers Large businesses and schools
Number of Pages You Can Print A cartridge's page yield is the estimated number of pages you can print. Page yield is based on 5% page coverage. This means that the quoted page yield is based upon printed pages where only 5% of the page has been imprinted with ink. For example, a short memo has approximately 5% coverage. If you have a cartridge that has a yield of 500 pages, it can print 500 pages of that short memo. If you are printing letters, photos or graphics, your coverage will vary greatly and your page yield will drop significantly.
Cartridge Warranty and Shelf Life Most ink and toner cartridges include a warranty or "best by" date on their box. Remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges can last 12-18 months unopened, and toner cartridges can last up to 3 years.
Cartridge Care and Storage Only open a cartridge when you need it. Opened cartridges will eventually dry out, especially if the protective tape or clip has been removed. If you have an open ink cartridge around and would like to try and prevent it from drying out, place it nozzle side up in a plastic airtight tub. If your cartridge came with protective tape or a clip reapply both before storing. Place a damp cloth or paper towel in the tub, next to the cartridge and keep it stored in a cool, dark place.

Porelon Compatible Black Ink Roller, IR-74

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123inkjets carries a compatible alternative to the Porelon IR-74 ink roller designed exclusively for your Porelon printer. Perfect for daily use, the compatible IR-74 printer ink roller offers professional from the first page to the very last. 123inkjets extends free shipping on orders over $55!

Compatible With:


SKU Product Type Printer Brand OEM Number Shelf Life
IR74B Ribbon Cartridge Porelon IR-74 24-36 months
*Average cartridge page yield in accordance with ISO IEC 24711

  • APF 127
  • APF 128
  • APF 180
  • APF 182
  • APF 285
  • APF 290
  • Aurora 15 PD
  • Aurora PT 10
  • Aurora PT 10 P
  • Aurora PT 15 D
  • Brother 7112 PD
  • Canon MP-15 D
  • Casio FR 3100
  • Casio FR 3200
  • Citizen 200 DP
  • Citizen 201 DP
  • Citizen 205 DP
  • Citizen 220 DP
  • Citizen 225 DP
  • Citizen CX 125
  • Citizen MP 200
  • Citizen MP 212 PL
  • MBO 1020
  • MBO 1030
  • MBO 1030 PD
  • MBO 1620 PD
  • NSC 410 PD
  • Olivetti 710 PD
  • Olivetti IR-74
  • Olympia CPD 2512
  • Pacesetter 16 PD
  • Radio Shack EC 3007
  • Royal 114 PD
  • Royal 116 PD
  • Royal 216 PD
  • Royal 240 PD
  • Royal 316 PD
  • Royal 950 PD
  • Sanyo CX 3550
  • Sanyo CX 3552
  • Sanyo CX 5500
  • Sharp EL 1071 S
  • Sharp EL 1182 A
  • Sharp EL 1196 G
  • Sharp EL 1196 G II
  • Sharp EL 1196 VII
  • Sharp EL 1197
  • Sharp EL 1197 G
  • Sharp EL 1197 G II
  • Sharp EL 1197 G III
  • Sharp EL 1197 H
  • Sharp EL 1197 III
  • Sharp EL 1197 IV
  • Sharp EL 1197 S
  • Sharp EL 1607 G
  • Sharp EL 2188
  • Sharp EL 2197
  • Sharp EL 2197 G
  • Sharp EL 2197 G II
  • Sharp EL 2197 G III
  • Sharp EL 2197 II
  • Sharp EL 2197 III
  • Sharp EL 2197 S
  • Sharp EL 2607 G
  • Sharp EL 2607 L
  • Sharp EL 2607 R
  • Sharp ER-1017
  • Sharp QS-2168
  • Sharp XE-1017
  • Swintec 300 DP
  • TEC MA 58
  • TEC MA 59
  • TEC MA 71
  • Texas Instruments 5120
  • Texas Instruments 5130
  • Texas Instruments 5130 II
  • Texas Instruments 5132
  • Texas Instruments 5135
  • Texas Instruments 5140
  • Texas Instruments 5142 III
  • Texas Instruments 5310
  • Texas Instruments 8210
  • Toshiba BC-1026 PV
  • Toshiba BC-1226 PV
  • Unisonic XL 118
  • Unisonic XL 119
  • Unisonic XL 134
  • Unisonic XL 136