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How to Save Money on Office Supplies

As you go through your company’s latest expense report at the the end of the month, you might be surprised by just how much you are spending on office supplies. Prices add up when you are growing a business and when necessities like pens, paper and ink are a crucial part of your budget it can be hard to justify cutting costs.   To save money where you can it is better to shop smart with these cost effective office supply discount tips.

Quality First

Bargain shopping for basic items like pens, pencils and copy paper makes sense for most offices but you don’t want to go cheap on everything.  Spend a little more on essentials like printer cartridges, furniture and electronic equipment.  Quality products not only provide better reliability than inexpensive alternatives, but they will last longer too.  If you are going through three cartridges of low-quality ink in a 1-month period, you are opening your business up to potential print problems, which are never fun in a busy office environment!  By purchasing quality ink and toner cartridges first, you get the reliability you need right from the start.

Buy in Bulk

Quantity discounts are an easy way to save, especially with frequently used items like printer cartridges and copy paper.  As long as you are comfortable paying upfront and have room to store your items, buying in bulk can save you a ton in the long term.

Ask for Business Discounts

Strike up a working relationship with suppliers and wholesalers when making your purchases to get discounts and create a strong report with retailers. Whether you negotiate long-term purchase contracts for supplies you are consistently in need of or bargain a good price for a single purchase, do not be afraid to use your communication skills to save on supplies you need for work.

Be a Loyal Customer

Businesses love loyalty and they reward it well. Investigate loyalty programs both online and instore when shopping for your office supplies. Repeat business and repeat bulk purchases can result in discounts on your next purchase, cash back rewards, and huge perks. Discuss options with your most frequented retailers on any loyalty or discount programs that you can implement for your business.

Shop Online

 Shopping online versus in store allows you to browse the selection, do your research on the product and compare prices so you can ensure you are getting the most for your money. By doing your homework you can make sure the business purchase is worth the price and even add the latest discount codes to save your and your business money. Search for anything from paper to staples and postage and see who has the best products at the lowest price.

Plan Ahead

The worst time to shop is when you are in dire need so don’t let it come to that. Waiting until the very last print job to buy ink means you will likely overspend at a local store to make do until your online cartridge order arrives.  To avoid the added expense, order supplies in advance!  Keep a record of your regular purchases so there are no surprises and create a budget specifically for office supply expenses.

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