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Are Ink Refill Kits Right for You?

Are Ink Refill Kits Right for You?

If you’re looking to save money on your ink costs, you may want to consider refilling your old cartridges yourself. Refilling your empty ink cartridges isn’t just the most cost-effective solution to printing – it’s also the most environmentally-conscious. Reusing your old ink cartridges through printer ink refills only cost a quarter of what a new cartridge would amount to, and prevents greenhouse emissions associated with the manufacturing of virgin materials.

Inkjet Refill Kits

However, this method has its set-backs. The quality, although good enough for certain tasks and purposes, will not be as strong as new or remanufactured cartridges when it comes to certain print jobs. Check out our list below to see if ink refill kits are the right choice for you.

Home Users

  • Casual home users stand to benefit the most from ink refill kits
  • Online documents, concert tickets and boarding passes and miscellaneous materials can be printed out at sharp discount
  • Refill kits won’t deliver strong photo quality, so for those photos you wish to hang on to, you should use name brand or compatible brand ink


  • Refilled printer ink will produce solid text results, creating a cost-saving way to produce basic text reports
  • If a student is preparing a presentation that requires imagery, they’ll want to go with compatible ink or toner
  • When applicable, refill kits can save busy students on a budget time and money

Small Businesses

  • Small businesses looking to save money where they can save money with the use of ink refill kits
  • Ink refill kits for small businesses are a perfect choice for internal text documents, but compatible ink and toner would be a better choice for important presentations

Environmentally Conscious Consumers

  • Those who pride themselves on their level of environmental responsibility will enjoy the numerous benefits refill kits provide to the planet
  • The use of ink refills limits air and water pollution associated with landfills, incineration and the manufacturing of new cartridges
  • Conserves natural resources by reducing the need for raw materials
  • Refilled cartridges decreases the emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change

If you can identify with one of the user profiles on this list, you may want to try refilling your old cartridges and see if the results meet your personal quality standards. However, if you’re a photographer or depend on high-quality imaging results, compatible ink and toner will deliver better results at a modest price increase.

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