Spam Policy Anti-Spam Policy is 100% compliant with “CAN-SPAM ACT OF 2003” and does not tolerate SPAM. requires that all of our marketing affiliates abide by our Anti-Spam policy and they expressly warrant that they will not engage in spamming. If you feel that you have received spam e-mail, please forward the e-mail you received to [email protected].

How To Properly Opt-Out of Receiving Emails:

There are several ways you can unsubscribe:

  1. At the bottom of every email there is an unsubscribe link. You may click on the unsubscribe link to unsubscribe. It is important that you complete the unsubscribe process fully to ensure that you are properly unsubscribed.
  2. You may also use the form below to add your name to our suppression ("Do Not Email") List.

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How To Report Spammers

We want to assure you that your complaint will be taken very seriously. Because we work with so many companies it is hard for us to identify which company sent you an email and we need your help to insure that no one is sending unauthorized e-mails. Please forward any copies of the emails you received to [email protected] and we will investigate it immediately. Once you have opted out it can take up to ten days for you to be removed from all of our marketing affiliates email lists. If you are still receiving emails after 10 days from the date you entered your email address please forward the email to [email protected] with Subject Line: "Opted Out Already".