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Shop the LOWEST PRICES on HP ink and toner replacements for any printer model with 123inkjets! Find cartridge replacements for all popular HP inkjet and laser printer models below. Save as much as 78% when you purchase our top-rated HP compatible ink and toner. Enjoy even more savings when you shop high yield cartridges which print more pages or cartridge bundles. We make it easier for you to save a lot on ink.

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How can I save on HP ink?

Many consumers are now looking for ways to cut down on printing costs. Since printer cartridges account for most of the expense, this is where we step in and do all the legwork in looking for cost-effective aftermarket ink and toner cartridges that deliver the best print output.

Another way to save on HP ink and toner cartridges is by purchasing high yield cartridges. A high yield ink cartridge contains more ink and can print more pages compared to a standard HP ink cartridge. The same concept applies if you purchase a cartridge bundle where the price per cartridge is lower than if you bought each cartridge separately.

Get the best value when you purchase a compatible high yield HP ink cartridge bundle!

What about the HP Instant Ink program?

HP has introduced the HP Instant Ink program in the hopes of easing the strain of ink expense on the consumer. Unfortunately, this option does not work for everybody and there's still a significant amount of users looking for a better alternative.

More and more printer owners are turning to compatible or aftermarket replacements to HP printer cartridges and are loving it! Combine big savings with excellent print results, its simply the option the makes the most sense.

What HP printer uses cheap ink?

HP is notorious for selling dirt cheap printers and expensive ink and toner cartridges. HP inkjet cartridges are usually small and contain a very limited amount of ink. If you want a printer that uses cheap ink, you're probably really asking, what printer has a low cost per page. The lower your cost per page is, the lesser you spend on ink on a daily basis. To compute for your printer's cost per page, take the price of your ink cartridge and divide it by the page yield of your cartridge.

For instance, the HP 952, an OEM cartridge costs $32.99 and prints 1,000 pages, which translates to a cost per page of $0.032. When you compare the cost per page of an HP 952 with the HP 902's cost per page of $0.06, the HP 952 cartridge turns out cheaper. Knowing which HP cartridges have the best cost per page can greatly help when shopping for the right printer. For even more savings on HP ink cartridges, use aftermarket HP ink cartridges. Compatible aftermarket HP ink delivers the same performance at a LOWER price than original HP cartridges.

BUT, if you want serious savings, then we recommend switching to an HP LaserJet printer. There are many upsides to having a laser printer. One is that it uses toner powder so you don't have to worry about ink drying up. Two is toner cartridges print so much more pages compared to an ink cartridge, about 10x more the number of pages. Just imagine how much lower the cost per page of a HP LaserJet printer is compared to an OfficeJet or ENVY printer!

How do I start shopping for my HP ink or toner cartridge?

There are many ways to search for an HP cartridge replacement but first you need to know at least one of these two things: your HP printer model (ie. HP ENVY 4520) or the name of the cartridge used by your HP printer (ie. HP 902 or HP 85A).

How do I find my HP printer name or printer model?

When shopping for your printer's ink or toner cartridge on 123inkjets, you'll need to search either by your printer model or your printer cartridge name. The printer name of most HP printers (specially the newer ones) should be easily visible on the front of your printer or close to your printer's control panel. On some DeskJet or PhotoSmart models, it's located on top of the printer. On some older models, you'll need to open the scanner unit to see the sticker with the name on it. Knowing your printer name can come in real handy when finding more information about your printer, shopping for printer supplies and replacements, or troubleshooting.

What cartridge does my HP printer use?

To locate the name of your printer cartridge, lift the scanner unit of your printer, and wait for the cartridge tray to center. Do not attempt to remove the cartridge while the tray is on the move. Wait for it to come to a complete stop before pulling the cartridge out. Once the tray has stopped moving, carefully remove the cartridge. You should be able to see the name of your HP cartridge on the label.

Some examples of cartridges names are HP 65 or HP 952 for standard ink cartridges and HP 65XL or HP 952XL for high yield ink cartridges. Laser toner cartridges are usually in the format of HP 12A or HP 80A for standard toner cartridges, and HP 80X for high yield toner cartridges. You can easily locate color cartridges used by the same printer model by entering the name of the black cartridge and vice versa.

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